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Tesla Hotel

The outcome of this project was to take a luxury brand and extend them into the hospitality industry. 




Tesla Hotel


Travel and Hospitality

Type of Work


Interior Design

Financial Budgeting

Financial Analysis

Brand Expanding


Brand Strategy

Sustainable Design


Liz Browning

LaQuanius Cutner

Ryan Hurley

For this project, the team chose to research Tesla. Tesla is known for its sustainable vehicle design and being the frontrunner in electric vehicles. 

The team studied the brand's marketing strategies, as well as the method behind the naming of the Tesla products, finding that Model S was as simple as meaning 'sedan'. Another key finding was how Elon Musk markets the brand without a large budget. 

The team chose to create the Tesla Hotel with the goal of it becoming LEED certified. This was in keeping with the brand aesthetic. The other goal was to think about what a traveler needed, so the 

hotel could offer those amenities.

An extensive marketing plan was created as well as a financial plan. Touchpoints were designed for the consumer to interact with the hotel one final time before leaving; an Instagrammable moment for the guest to take a photo showcasing how much energy he/she saved while staying at the hotel.

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