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Terms of Agreement

User Agreement

Custom design request for item(s)  as described in consultation and booking pages between LaQuanius Cutner (designer)  and User (client).    The use of the terms "Agreement" and "Service" are used interchangeably henceforth.


Changes to design are limited, dependent upon the stage of design or construction of the garment, and may require more fabric, materials or labor and incur more cost. Complete changes to garment will constitute a new garment being constructed.  Client will  be responsible for designer’s additional (non-quoted) expenses of amounts in excess of $150 of this estimate and client allows time for designer to finalize cost and inform client. Rush garments may incur additional cost and may require longer fittings and adjustments during the fitting.

Client understands that booking fees, consultation fee and/or deposit are non-refundable.  Deposit of 50% or full payment of quoted price is due in order for the designer to begin sourcing materials, fabric and construction.  Final payment (if necessary) is due via invoice or other notification prior to pick up or garment being shipped.  Every effort on behalf of seamstress/ designer will be made to ensure garment is completed and available within one week of event date or shipped & delivered prior to date of event, if adequate advance notice booking is provided. Shipping costs including rush shipping are at the discretion of the designer, however client should expect to cover the cost of any and all shipping.  The nature of custom design business makes it difficult to provide full refunds or cancellations after your fabric is purchased, cut or constructed.  Refunds are not offered however; all attempts will be made to ensure your satisfaction.

  1. Due to the workload of the designer and confidentiality of designs, at no time will the designer text, or send pictures or videos of the garment in progress. To keep from entertaining excessive calls designer will contact client at least once a week (during the construction process) with updates on the progress of requested garments via email, text or telephonic communications.

  2. Once deposit is paid, the digital process of creating a pattern for the requested garment will begin. During this time fabric will be procured and ready for construction. The process of constructing the garment will not begin until balance is paid.

  3. At all fitting appointments the client must come prepared with ALL UNDERGARMENTS that will be worn the day of the event the garment is being created for. This includes shoes, undergarments to include Spanx, girdles, any type of bra, panties etc. Designer is not responsible for undergarments showing or ill fitting to the garment if client does not bring them to fittings.

  4. All pictures sent to designer are for REFERENCE ONLY. Client understands LaQuanius Cutner will use all pictures as inspiration for selected design. Unless picture sent is an original LaQuanius Cutner design, within reason as we try to never repeat a design.  Another designer’s work will not be copied.

  5. (DESIGNER MEASURMENT SHEET WILL BE PROVIDED TO CLIENT ONCE CONTRACT IS SIGNED AND PAYMENT IS MADE) Designer and client will agree on the measurement process. If opted the designer can travel to take measurements. Client can opt to Facetime, Duo or any video call app for designer to assist with measurements. If this is selected client will conduct the call in a quiet room with one other person while the designer assists with how to take measurements to ensure measurements taken are correct. Client will have a proper measuring tape at the time of video call. Final option is for the client to go to an alteration or legit seamstress LLC / business to get measurements done. If client decides to go and get measurements done the client will provide the name, number and address of the business that provided measurements and client will use the said body chart provided by LaQuanius Cutner in this agreement to annotate all measurements taken. Once completed it will be sent to the designer.


Client understands and agrees to credit the designer, as having created and constructed garment in all photos, social media posts and events and permit the use of garment in photos, advertising and promotional materials. 

Optionally,  client may provide pictures to the designer of her/himself  wearing the garment which then becomes the property of the designer for use at the discretion of the designer in a professional capacity. 

Fabric Agreement

Fabric and materials will not be ordered until the client has approved them and paid their initial deposit. Once the client has approved the fabric and materials for their design and they have been purchased, usually 1-3 days after the consultation and initial deposit is made, fabric changes cannot be made unless the client pays an additional fee for the additional labor, shipping cost and the new materials. Fees vary upon design. The fabric cannot be changed if the garment has already been cut out and created (sewn together) with the previous fabric that was selected.

Garment Release / Pick Up

By agreeing to terms of agreement and signing the contract during the consultation; You acknowledge that you are satisfied with the garments, and designer not responsible for any mishaps, i.e. rips, tears, broken seams, stains to the garment or any lost, stolen or damaged garment(s), once they are released to you, the “ client” and are in the client’s possession and under the client’s care. Once you have signed this garment release form and picked up your garment, the garment(s) and its condition is your total responsibility. Please handle with care.


No refunds, exchanges, returns or cancellations are permitted once an order is placed for  alterations, however every effort will be made to ensure your satisfaction. 

The designer will begin to perform the services only upon receiving a deposit or full payment for the services. Services provided are based on the measurements taken at the time of client’s first fitting. Measurements from any other source are accepted at the sole discretion of the designer and in most cases are not accepted.  Any and all measurements taken by seamstress and indicated on invoice/consultation form shall be conclusive evidence of the customer’s measurements at the time of the first fitting.  Any changes in customer’s measurements after the first fitting which cause additional or different services to be performed will be subject to additional charges. 

If the services include any customization in the design of a garment, the services will be based on the information provided at the time of client’s initial request for such customization. Any changes in the design by the client after this initial request shall be subject to additional charges. The client shall remove its garments from the designer’s location immediately upon completion. Acceptance of and satisfaction with the services shall automatically be deemed to have occurred upon the earlier of: client signing a Pick Up slip or removal of the garment from the designer’s location by the client or client’s representative.

If client fails to schedule and appear for a fitting or otherwise pick up client’s garments within the time period set forth above, a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) per week fee will be assessed and billed. All balances must be paid in full before client’s garments may be removed from the designer’s location. If client is unable to pick up the garments, it is the client’s responsibility to notify seamstress and provide the name of the person who is authorized to do so.

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