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M·A·C Lox

This project required secondary research to figure out what a good brand extension would be. After placing the brand in a new market, it was required to create a marketing strategy and figure out a good product mix and visual merchandising.




M·A·C Lox


Brand Extension

Type of Work


Brand Extension

Visual Merchandising

Merchandising Mix

Marketing Strategy


Packaging Design


Ad Campaign

Public Relations


LaQuanius Cutner

Yuxian Ma

Yueyao Chen

The team chose the makeup brand M·A·C to research and extend into a new market with a brand extension of hair color as there was a white space for M·A·C to take advantage of in the personal care market. The brand is known for its vibrant, artistic colors and bold statements. 

At the time COVID-19 was at its peak, but the team was able to successfully reach the brand goals of adding hair color in stores and not just online. 

Through collaboration, the team designed a strong marketing strategy using hair influencers and celebrities who are known to wear different colors of hair, to bring awareness to the new product.

Please click book cover for process book.

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