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LaQuanius Cutner

This thesis project serves as the culminating assignment that tests the knowledge learned during the graduate program.




Circular Bridal Shopping: An Interactive Digital Experience


Brand Building

Type of Work

Marketing Strategy


Demand Planning

Finance Management

Ad Campaign


Ashley Boyle

Caitlyn Stupi

Coastal Limousine

DayRenée Goodin

Jose Menendez

LaQuanius Cutner

Travis Graham

SCAD Equestrian Center

Sonja Lark

Using the key findings from primary and secondary research, I created a brand for circular bridal shopping. The concept is to push sustainability with the reuse of bridal textiles as well a resell of bespoke garments.

The platform will host an online experience where the bride is able to virtually try on her gown in front of her family. 

The marketing plan is set aggressively to quickly bring awareness to the brand to turn a profit by year 3.5.

I was the creative director in all videography, as well as designed, and produced the dresses in all photos within the process book and video.

Ashley Boyle is an undergraduate Jewelry major who brought my vision of a ring to life.

Sonja Lark and DayRenée Goodin were photographers alongside me. Caitlyn Stupi and Jose Menendez were the bride and groom.

Please click the first photo for the full process book

CutnerL_Process Book_LXMT 790_Page_001.png
IMG_0042 almost.png
EDITED IMG_0039.png
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