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The outcome of this project was to take a brand and disrupt the market with an innovative idea.




Apple Car


Brand Extension

Market Disruption

Type of Work


Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy


Cassidy Webber

Cory Park

LaQuanius Cutner

Zhengyang Lu

Fiverr Industrial


Apple is an innovative technology company that is constantly upgrading its product to better serve its consumers. 

This project required a disruptive idea for a luxury tech brand. The team decided to push Apple to design an autonomous car since rumors were already circulating. Although some articles were unsure if it were to come to fruition, the team went forward with the idea. 

Through research into other luxury car brands, the team was able to create a car and intelligently market the brand. Since Apple has a cult-like following, it was easy to market to their loyal consumers.

To introduce the brand to new consumers, the team needed to understand what the push would be for other consumers in order to create an ad that would catch the eye of a new market, much like other auto companies.

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