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Nicholas & Ottheia


     It is not about the moment when something important happens. It is about what you do after it has passed that impacts you the most. Love is a delicate flower wrapped in our emotional guards and blooms whenever it wants. This story of love begins in a typical manner—a young man going out with some friends to an evening event. With no idea that the night would affect the rest of his life. He has been at the event for several hours and takes a step out for some air. By the door, it starts with a greeting and a friendly gesture. He notices that there was a woman with a group of guys discussing paying to enter the event. He also recognizes one of the guys in the group; He decides to offer to pay for the woman to get in. She accepts. Neither of them has a view of anything more but the thought of each other.

     As the night continues, the woman from the group decides she wants some gum. She asked the guys that came with her for some, but to no avail. She then noticed the young man she met by the door. "He was nice, maybe he has some gum," she thought. So, she asked him for some gum. Unfortunately, he didn't have any, but he knew where to get some. He returned with gum, but as she reached to grab it from him, he asked for a kiss for payment. So, they went outside the event, she was dismissive of the suggestion, unsure of how the situation got to this point. She then took a good look at the man in front of her. Thinking he looks cute and after he suggested again, she conceded. While their lips touched, time stopped in his mind. That moment was as if a new universe created itself; it was so foreign to him. In reality, it lasted enough time for the group she came with to come out of the event and tell her they were leaving. He is standing there, his mind in a daze. He knows she must go, so he presents his number wanting to see her again. She gladly accepts it. She begins walking away, he notices his group is leaving as well, but can't look away. It is as if a feeling is compelling him don't let her depart. Alas, he knows he can't stop her. He looks forward to tomorrow. He was hoping to see her again. 

This meeting is the beginning of our love. For love is a flower, it still needs to be watered. 

"Love will travel as far as you let it. It has no limits."  -Dee King

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