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Luis & Nesa

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     It was mid-August 2007, in Al Taqaddum (TQ), Iraq, when my unit began to turnover with our replacement unit. This was the close of my first deployment.  Before our transition out of the country, we had to train our section replacements, so the support to the units would continue inconspicuously. At the time, I was a Corporal (E4) and Luis was a Lance Corporal (E3). Luis was one of the replacements for my position. I remember looking at him and thinking he was cute but didn’t think much into it. At some point during our turnover, he decided to be rambunctious and flirt with me. He says that I told him to “Get the F away from me,” however, I don’t really remember, so I believe it. 


     Once his unit got back from the deployment, we ended up working together and we eventually became good friends. After a few months, we decided to give our relationship a go. We dated for five years and, let me tell you, that was a rough road. There were a lot of times I was 99% sure we would be moving on in our lives. We hit a point in our relationship where we both agreed changes needed to occur quickly or we couldn’t be together anymore. Needless to say, those changes occurred, and we got married six months later. We have been together for 12 years now, married for (going on) seven years. These past 7 years have been amazing! We have grown and made a beautiful family together. There are days where we push each other’s buttons but neither of us would have it any other way.

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