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Kevin & Lisa


     In February 2013, two single folks went out with two friends to a Veterans of Foreign Wars building with no idea that their lives were going to change forever.  Drawn to each other as the two youngest people in the establishment, who knew that a dance and an hour of conversation would turn into a lifetime commitment?!

     After a year of dating and 8 months of being engaged, Kevin and Lisa got married with 99 of their closest family and friends attending the soiree. The couple recently celebrated 5 years of marriage and are anxiously expecting the birth of their first child in the Fall of 2020.  Kevin, a true creative soul, is the owner of Focus One Media--a wedding and event photography and videography company.  Lisa, the logistician of the pair, is the owner and principal planner of Purple Crane--a full-service wedding and special event planning firm based in Columbia, SC but servicing SC, NC, GA, and parts of FL.  While the two are in the same industry, they don't always work together.  But when they do, it's always a good time.  When asked, Lisa says "It's always easy working with your best friend." 


     When they are not working together, and when there isn't a global pandemic, Kevin and Lisa are avid travelers.  With a goal of visiting all 4 extreme points in the US, the couple has completed their stops to the easternmost and southernmost points of the US in 2018 & 2019--adding a couple of stops in between to visit Toronto, CA, Boston, Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine.  When they're not hopping planes and spending hours in airports, you can find them in the gems of the South--Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA. 

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