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Kacey & Hayley


     Hi! My name is Hayley. My husband Kacey and I are high school sweet hearts. We first met at a church service on a Sunday evening when I was fifteen and he was fourteen years old.  I thought he was nice and funny, but at the time I was newly single and wasn’t much interested in diving into a new relationship; so friends we were for a few weeks following our meeting. As the weeks continued into our freshman year of high school, I noticed just such a peace and calming over myself when we were together. Finding someone that you can talk to with such ease was not something I expected but Kacey met all of my expectations and more. We shared so much in common to include our family background and the way we grew up. He understood me so deeply and that understanding formed a bond that could never be broken. We dated all through high school and went through the typical ups and downs that high school relationships do but we stayed committed to each other throughout.


     Fast forward to 2011, I joined the Marine Corps. As soon as I got to my duty station in the fleet we were eager to marry. The excitement was overwhelming of being on our own for the first time and getting to start our lives together. As soon as Kacey turned 18 we married and he still had to finish high school before he could move in. Hahaha! After he graduated, he joined the Marine Corps as well and during his boot camp training I was pregnant with our little girl Kayley. I gave birth to her while he was at his MOS school and his superiors were so great in helping him get stationed in Beaufort, SC where I was. We worked on Marine Corps Air station Beaufort as Marines together for 4 years before deciding to get out of the Marine Corps once our terms were completed. We still reside in the Beaufort County area to this day and have been married for 8 years. I am so thankful for us and I am most thankful to God for placing this man in my life. He broke the mold when he made this one!

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