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Erik & Marleni

     Erik actually has a picture of the day after we met but he believes it’s the day we met. We were in the waiting period of picking seats for our Military Occupation Specialty school. There’s a saying that Marines can sleep anywhere, and I had set up a set of chairs to form my own type of bed and he took a picture of me sleeping on them making fun of the fact that I would lay on some dirty chairs. We’ve been great friends ever since or those types of friends that make fun of each other, but are also real and raw. Our relationship started as friends and that has always been my favorite part. The idea that you date someone and you somehow have to show the best parts of you first seems so false to me. One day I was helping him move out and we were just having fun, cracking each other up as we tend to do and he made the first move. 


     Eventually as our careers progressed he got orders to Okinawa and told me that I was coming with him. I laughed because there was no way I was going to leave the country with just my friend. So we got married and just recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I guess you could say that he wanted to travel the world with me, not as just his friend, but as his wife.

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