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Brenea & Anbesa


     He was from a small village in Tigray Ethiopia.  With a name that is recognized by any immigrant wanting their freedom to where they call home. Anbesa. She was from the slums of Columbia with a nickname that complimented her small nose, fat cheeks and chinky eyes. Black China. Some way, somehow the universe saw to let the two meet in the mist of sins. See neither were perfect, but they both lone for and sought to find more than just a quick feel. Nothing more they agreed on was wanting to fill the eternal thrive of their purpose in life. But neither knew it yet.

     After a few shots of liquor down followed by the layers of care that unraveled the true people that were in front of one another in this night club, they knew it was more to each other. See Anbesa was a promoter on his off time from work and Brenea was just out on her weekend stroll after a long week of work in the military. She believed if you work hard you deserve to play harder and she lived her life free from all judgement and cares of the typical world.

     As he arose to the DJ and quickly conversed to get one of his artist songs played he locked eyes with this young black woman nodding her head to the grooves of music being played. Then he slowly walked up to ask if she wanted a drink. Little did he know she was in the military and could handle a drink or two. She accepted his offer and invited him to her pitcher of beer. Anbesa totally got wrapped up in the vibes and conversations of the genuine and light thoughts from this woman, that he forgot he was there to promote his artist music. As Brenea gazed into his eyes she asked why he was staring at her so hard during the conversation; he said with a puzzled but innocent voice, I just know with those lips you can kiss good… And I love a woman that can kiss. After a few drinks, the long conversation and the comment he serenaded, Brenea with her vibrant spirit leaned in and gave him a kiss. With his eyes still closed as she pulled away but holding her oh so close, he scurried to quickly say please come home with me. I want you to come home with me. Brenea with her witty ways was a choosy lover and could not place her finger on him just yet so she quickly declined with a sweet inclination to another date. She whispered to him, see baby, this lady has had too much to drink and don’t go home with strangers on the first night. Here is my number. When you sober up and if you remember me, we can re-engage this conversation. She kissed him on the cheek and sent him on his way with a hug and goodnight.     

     Morning came and her phone rang. With a smile on her face saying hello. He replied I’d never forget you and your kiss. She quickly laughed out loud and insisted for him not to gas her head up with novice quirky gestures. He simply stated I know you like it and she agreed. The date was set, and they walked on River Street of Savannah on Mr. Luther King Day engulfing history and making a moment that would last forever. Holding hands was easy. Joking around was pure and connecting eyes was angelic. They knew that both had toxic ways and would have to change for one another. See he had his ego and she had her pride. She wanted everything when she saw fit and he wanted her to wait so he could get it for her. No one could ever slow Brenea down. Oh no. She had been through hell and back growing up and could never ask anyone or wait for anyone to make her happy. She was her own happiness. But that was quickly about to change in front of her eyes. See Anbesa was very intrigued by this free spirit dominating everything she touched lady. From her goals and aspirations to being so humble to the people that crossed her path , Anbesa saw everything he wanted in a wife, despite her wild irrational side.     

     Brenea saw that when she went on her talks of how she deserves the world and she wasn’t going to stop for anyone to get it; she saw it bothered him. She knew he was a hard-working man that wanted to give her the world even if it was going to take time giving it to her. She over stood her purpose of being his mate after a couple of dates later. She had never given in and submitted to letting the man run the show. So, she knew she liked him a lot and could put trust in him. In all prayer of this not being in vain she leaped for hope while in joy with Anbesa. Entangled into each other’s arms and loving each other inside her bed she made it clear she had not dated men unless she saw that she could be with him forever. Brenea was afraid of herself knowing that if she fell it would surely be head over hills. She didn’t want to be played with and made it clear about the third date of what she was needing in a relationship.     

     Anbesa was unsure what he wanted in life. Still on the journey to finding himself. He knew for sure he wanted Brenea in his life every step of the way. He surely lived a simple life and took every word she spoke seriously. He had made up in his mind he did not want or need anything else but her. On their fourth date he said I love you. She spoke the words back and they both felt butterflies as they held each other while gazing at the sun on the sandy beach of Jekyll Island. It was official. They were going steady and not looking back.     

     One month turned into two and two months turned into five. Brenea being in the military roamed wherever Uncle Sam called her home. She came down on orders to move to Alaska. This was a bit much. Now in the midst of her happiness. As soon as God gave her something great the devil came to snatch it away, she heckled. She stayed up all night trying to figure out how to break the news to Anbesa. What will he say? How will he feel? all the questions of a worried woman came about. They were two weeks from their vacation to Miami for her boyfriend of five months to finally meet her parents. Now Brenea had two big things to let out the bag. She was leaving with or without her man. She wanted to let him know that in all she supported his dreams and whatever he decided would be solely on him. But deep down she was terrified of the distance dimming the light on what was a gift from heaven for them.     

     Packing their bags to get ready for their trip to Miami, Brenea murmured , babe I have something to tell you. Anbesa jumped up with a smile in hopes of hearing her say she’s pregnant was soon to be disappointed. She spoke slowly, “I have orders to Alaska.” He stammered that it's ok we will love it. As they drove off into the sunset, they both talked about things they could do that would make living in Alaska fun. It had dawned on Brenea that Anbesa kept speaking on things that they could do. She turned the music down and looked him in the eye and asked, so are you planning on moving with me or will you be staying; either way it is solely up to you. He stared at the highway traffic while saying I just need time to think about it. Brenea feeling down changed the subject quickly by turning the music up and stating the song that was on was her favorite.     

     Finally making it to Miami and meeting Brenea parents for the first time was something special. See Anbesa came from a family-oriented background. Brenea has longed for a perfect family all her life, so he knew it was important that he was meeting her family. They both enjoyed the beaches the live music and great atmosphere. Spending time with Brenea family is all she ever needed in life and was back in her happy place. Time dwindled fast and they both were on their last day with her family. They went out to the VMF in Miami for veterans. No Brenea has been in the military for a while but had never seen a VMF like this. It had a grand restaurant on one side and a whole dance club and bar next door. It was very grown and sexy vibes. Her hip parents her and her love entered the establishment with excitement of a good time. Brenea danced line dances with her stepmom and dad and they all cut a rug. When the slow jam song came on the gentlemen grabbed their women and slowly danced on the dance floor. The night was filled with love and a frequency of high vibes. After a few dances we finally received our table and placed our order for dinner. The laughter in the air was surreal and the love was epic. Suddenly Anbesa asked Brenea dad for a chat outside away from everything. Brenea and her stepmom continued to enjoy the atmosphere and love for each other. Finally, the gentlemen came back but something was different. The aura shifted and everything seemed odd. Both men were smiling but her dad looked like he had lost something but was content. Her stepmom asked what are y'all up too? Her dad stood up with a smile to state, “I am proud to call Anbesa my son in-law”. He asked for my daughters’ hand in marriage and I can not be happier to say yes. Brenea with her heart on the floor going a thousand miles an hour was lost for words. Her thinking is too early. Do I have time? Realizing she has not been happy in her entire life then at that moment said yes to her King that awaited the question of will she marry him. They hugged and kissed, hugged and embraced each other. Her dad grabbed hands and bowed all their heads for prayer of a prosperous marriage and his blessings. They set off in the sunset back home and 1 month later were married. Anbesa and brenea were heading on a 18 day journey driving to Alaska. They learned love does not wait on anyone. So if you have a good thing stay with it and grow together forever.

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