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Bill & Krista

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     We met in the fall of 1996. We both felt a strong attraction and admiration for each other, but circumstances in both our lives wouldn't allow us to be together. We drifted apart after a few months and focused on our careers, I in Japan and he in the states. We would touch base from time to time, just enough for us to both know the important life events that were happening for each other. Then in 2010, we both found ourselves single and open to new possibilities. We began talking, texting, and emailing on a daily basis. After months of correspondence, we decided he should visit Savannah for a weekend. Once he arrived, it was as though no time had passed at all. We still had the same spark, same sense of humor, the same values, but with the self-assuredness and quietude that comes with the passage of time. It was like putting on your favorite summer dress after a hard, cold winter. After a year of getting to know each other again and dating long distance, we were engaged. In 2013 we were married in Savannah. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't make me laugh and want to be a better person. Neither of us is perfect, but we're a perfect match for each other. I think that's what love is for me.

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